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About FoCAS

Fundamentals of Collective Adaptive Systems

Swarm-Organ is one of the 7 projects integrated to FoCAS (Fundamentals of Collective Adaptive Systems). This coordination action is an umbrella project which aims to integrate, coordinate and help increase visibility for research carried out in the FET FoCAS Proactive Initiative* and in research fields related to collective adaptive systems. Activities include:

  • Roadmapping – defining the future research agenda by engaging with experts within and outside of
    Europe and running consultation events
  • Facilitating community building and collaboration opportunities for researchers interested in
    collective adaptive systems through workshops and conferences
  • Online media lounge with downloadable resources to encourage improved collaboration
    between researchers within Europe and internationally
  • Providing dissemination opportunities, a positive interface between scientists, industry and the
    science-aware public to demonstrate how CAS can impact on society
  • Providing training opportunities for researchers through summer schools and exchange opportunities

In addtion to Swarm-Organ, FoCAS coordinates the research of the following projects: ALLOW ENSEMBLESASSISI | bfCASSTINGDIVERSIFYQUANTICOLSMART SOCIETY

Source, and more information:

FET-Proactive initiatives aim at focusing resources on visionary and challenging long-term goals that are timely and have strong potential for future impact. These goals provide a common strategic perspective and a focal point around which a critical mass of research can be assembled and synergies developed.