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DAS @ ICAC 2015

7 Jul 2015

1st Workshop on Distributed Adaptive Systems at ICAC 2015.

Grenoble, France, July 7 2015 

Workshop chairs from FoCAS and Allow Ensembles
Paper Submission April 13, 2015
Notification May 15, 2015
Camera Ready May 22, 2015
Workshops July 07, 2015
On the account of the recent advances in technology, computational systems have to be thought as ever growing distributed artificial environments in which requirements, constituent components and user needs dynamically change in unpredictable ways. Coping with such uncertainties represents an interesting challenge for the designer of these systems, specifically regarding how to guarantee adaptivity towards both functional and non-functional requirements, as well as autonomously handling coordination and collaboration aspects among constituent units that have to act as autonomous and heterogeneous agents. These agents more often rely on incomplete information regarding the whole system in which they are integrated, but yet, in order to foster their Self-* properties, they need to discover, learn and evolve their behavior by taking into account how other agents are performing within the considered environment. The purpose of this workshop is therefore to create an useful forum of discussion on how Self-* properties and design & implementation concepts that are nowadays considered in Autonomic Computing literature can be extended and exploited in case of distributed autonomous systems , hence how to create adaptivity as a whole by starting from single autonomous units. Practitioners and researchers are therefore invited to submit interesting contributions both in theoretical work and real world applications so to create a fruitful discussion regarding the presented challenges and the following related topics:
•    Distributed learning and experience sharing among agents
•    Advances in Multi-Agent System coordination
•    Formal methods and languages for distributed adaptive systems
•    Modelling distributed adaptive systems
•    Collectivism in distributed adaptive systems
•    Optimization in distributed adaptive systems
•    Framework and design patterns for distributed adaptive systems
•    Bio-inspired and evolutionary approaches to distributed adaptive systems
•    Tools and simulation software for distributed adaptive systems
•    Case studies and real world applications.


Maison Jean Kuntzmann 110, rue de la chimie Domaine Universitaire
38400 Saint Martin d’Hères
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