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First FoCAS Workshop on Fundamentals of Collective Systems @ECAL 2013

2 Sep 2013

This FoCAS workshop at ECAL 2013 solicits conceptual papers that address new methodologies, theories and principles that can be used in order to develop a better understanding of the fundamental factors underpinning the operation of Collective Adaptive Systems (CASs), so that we can better design, build, analyse such systems.
The workshop will be structured around a number of discussion sessions which will attempt to define the future research landscape for this new area, centred on the conceptual papers presented. It is the intention of the workshop organisers to coordinate the writing of a journal paper following the workshop, working closely with participants who wish to contribute, in order to describe the research landscape and scope a future agenda for research.
Envisaged topics (not limited to):
•    Novel theories relating to operating principles of CAS
•    Novel design principles for building CAS systems
•    Insights into the Evolutionary Properties
•    Insights into Emergent Properties
•    Insights into general properties of large scale, distributed CAS
•    Methodologies for studying, analysing and building CAS
•    Frameworks for analysing or developing CAS
•    Case-studies/Scenarios that can be used to investigate CAS properties

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