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FoCAS networking session @ ICT 2013

7 Nov 2013

FoCAS on multi-disciplinary approaches for smart, green and integrated transport

Underlying Horizon2020’s vision is the assumption that breakthrough solutions can emerge from multi-disciplinary collaboration. This networking session organised by FoCAS will specifically consider how multi-disciplinary approaches can best be used to address societal challenges, and will also identify some limitations. One ICT priority (smart, green and integrated transport) has been selected to demonstrate some principles for the multi-disciplinary approach. Asking appropriate questions initially can often be as important as finding optimal solutions, and this session will consider which disciplines should be included to tackle smart, green and integrated transport, and what each can effectively contribute, and how. Research boundaries are rarely hard, and yet it is often at the interface between disciplines, where potential complementarity, and possible conflict, can arise. Synergy is expected from collective expertise but an integrative process needs to be carefully managed.

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