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SWARM 2015

28 Oct 30 Oct 2015

SWARM 2015: The First International Symposium on Swarm Behavior and Bio-Inspired Robotics 

October 28–30, Kyoto, Japan

Living things that survive natural selection have beautiful skills and intelligent behavior. A swarm can perform many functions that its component individuals cannot possibly accomplish alone. In addition to the ability to adapt to the environment, but also to construct a suitable environment for its own advantage. The constructive understanding of intelligence of living things is a very interesting approach from the point of view of biology and engineering. The aim of this first symposium SWARM2015 is the construction of a bridge between biologists and engineers who are interested in the intelligence of living things and the creation of a new academic field by integrating biology and engineering. This symposium will focus on the biological and engineering approaches to understanding swarm behavior and biologically-inspired robotics.

Yoshida Campus
Kyoto University
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