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Swarm-Organ Conference

8 Sep 2016

We organize an special session within the ANTS2016 conference, with the following program:


Swarm-Organ FET project Special Session

14.30-14.50         Welcome & intro to Swarm-Organ: James Sharpe (Swarm-Organ Coordinator)

14.50-16.00         Focus on Swarm Biology

  • Invited lecture: Rene Doursat - Crossing the reality gap between biological morphogenesis and morphogenetic swarm robotics
  • Multi-cellular Modelling of Root Development (Tyler McCleery, JIC)
  • 3D Mutlicellular Modelling of Gastrulation (Jaap Kaandorp, UvA)

16.30-18.10         Focus on Swarm Robotics

  • Invited lecture: Sabine Hauert - From swarm of flying robots to nanobots for cancer applications
  • Getting Robots to Behave Like Cells: Sorting (Martin Hinsch, JIC)
  • Collective Movement of a Robotic Swarm (Ata Ramezan Shirazi, Surrey U)
  • Self-organising Swarm Organs: The Theory (Noemi Carranza, CRG)
  • Self-organising Swarm Organs: The Practice! (Ivica Slavkov, CRG)

18.10-18.30         Wrapping up: James Sharpe (Swarm-Organ Coordinator)


In addition, Swarm-Organ also sponsors two additional plenary lectures in ANTS2016:

  • Iain Couzin: Collective Sensing and Decision-Making in Animal Groups: From Fish Schools to Primate Societies, 8th Sept 9:00
  • Jacob Beal: Aggregate Programming, 9th Sept 9:00


Read more and register on the conference website.

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