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Centre for Genomic Regulation

The Centre for Genomic Regulation is an innovative centre for basic research and an international biomedical research institute of excellence whose mission is to discover and advance knowledge for the benefit of society, public health and economic prosperity. The goal of the Multicellular Systems Biology group is to bring together an interdisciplinary team of scientists to focus on the research of a particular complex system – development of the vertebrate limb. We aim to understand it both at the level of gene regulatory networks, and at the level of the physical interactions between cells and tissues. To achieve this the group includes embryologists, computer scientists, imaging specialists and engineers. We thus aim to capture the whole process of understanding, from novel approaches for data-capture (live time-lapse OPT imaging) to finite-element simulations of the growing 3D structure and computer models of the gene networks responsible for pattern formation across the organ.

James Sharpe
Principal Investigator
Centre for Genomic Regulation
Postdoctoral Researcher
Centre for Genomic Regulation
Scientific Project Manager
Centre for Genomic Regulation
Centre for Genomic Regulation
C. Doctor Aiguader, 88
08003 Barcelona Catalonia
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