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Evolving H-GRNs for Morphogenetic Adaptive Pattern Formation of Swarm Robots

26 Feb 2016

This chapter first introduces a morphogenetic approach to a target entrapping problem by integrating a two-layer hierarchical gene regulatory network (H-GRN) with the region-based shape control for swarm robots. The upper layer of the proposed H-GRN is responsible for entrapping pattern generation that provides a morphogen gradient to the lower layer. The lower layer implements a region-based shape control strategy that guides all robots into the desired region with the morphogen gradient from the upper layer, and maintains a minimum distance among robots. The chapter then presents a problem statement including the connection between multi-cellular organisms and multi-robot systems. It also introduces an H-GRN model with a region-based shape control strategy, consisting of an upper layer for region generation and a lower layer for robot guidance into the region. Finally, the chapter presents an evolving network motifs-based H-GRN (EH-GRN) model with an evolving GRN strategy.