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FoCAS Video Sprint and Metro Map

21 Mar 2016

The "FoCAS Video Sprint" event was held last January in Edinburgh, organized by FoCAS. The aim of this event was to define collectively the overall FoCAS narrative for a short video outlining the overall contribution of the Proactive Initiative to the field of CAS, and featuring highlights of each project’s own research. Collaborative discussion and production sessions were mixed with sessions in which small groupings of projects work simultaneously on different aspects of the content. Two representats of Swarm-Organ of the John Innes Centre were attending this event.

The result is the FoCAS video, where some new CAS insights and functionalities developed are presented. Also a new set of design and operating principles in response to what FET originally anticipated as target outcomes for the FoCAS Proactive Initiative have been designed. 

Fundamentals of Collective Adaptive Systems (Video Sprint)

But this was not the only result of this event. An animation in the format of a Metro Map was produced, showing a nice overview of FoCAS project research with the projects represented by metro lines, and their key words depicted as stations, showing where intersections occur. It depicts a useful research landscape snapshot for CAS.

FoCAS Metro Map


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