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New advisory bodies

19 Mar 2014

Since February 2014 the Swarm-Organ project benefits from the expert advice of two newly appointed bodies:

  • the external Scientific Advisor provides critical insight into the scientific and technological aspects of the project.
  • the Innovation Board looks after the exploitation potential of the project's results.

Prof Stéphane Doncieux (Institute of Intelligent Systems and Robotics at the Pierre and Marie Curie University) has been appointed as Swarm-Organ Scientific Advisor because of his world-recognised expertise in architectures and models of adaptation and cognition. His field of research is mainly centred on Evolutionary Robotics. Undoubtedly, his proficient guidance will be crucial to keep the project on track while maximising the scientific impact of its results.  

The Innovation board is composed by 4 experts in Technology Transfer and Business Development:

  • Pablo Cironi (CRG)
  • Willem Fokkema (UvA)
  • Jonathan Hodrien (U. Surrey)
  • Martin Stocks (Plant Bioscience Limited)

​and has the mission to provide advice and support to the consortium on matters related to exploitation of results, in particular the protection of intellectual property, the identification of opportunities, and the collaboration with industrial partners.​

With the incorporation of these two essential organs, our team of researchers expects to maximise the impact and use of the findings and developments produced by Swarm-Organ.