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Swarm-Organ @ EvoStar conference

19 Apr 2015

The Swarm-Organ project was presented on the EvoStar 2015 conference in Copenhagen held on April 8-10th, 2015. EvoStar is an annual event held at at different locations throughout Europe, that comprises four co-located conferences: EuroGP (Genetic Programming), EvoCOP (Evolutionary Computation in Combinatorial Optimisation), EvoMUSART (Evolutionary and Biologically Inspired Music, Sound, Art and Design) and EvoApplications (Applications of Evolutionary and bio-inspired Computation), which includes the EvoRobot (Evolutionary Computation in Robotics). On this joint conference event, the Swarm-Organ project was presented during a conference poster session by James Sharpe and Ivica Slavkov (CRG). Our presentation included a poster describing the concept of the Swarm-Organ project, but also a video presentation from the current results of the project. The videos were of both simulations and real kilobots, demonstrating morphogenesis-like behaviour of a swarm of kilobots and were contributed by all of the different groups of the Swarm-Organ project. The participants of the conference were mainly coming from a computer science background and the Swarm-Organ project attracted a keen interest from people involved in theoretical and applied swarm robotics research. This means that on the conference information about the Swarm-Organ project was disseminated in a general audience context, but also relevant contacts with experts in the field of swarm robotics were established.