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9 Jul 2015
A new low cost education robot (Aerobot), modified version of the kilobot robot, has been created by the group leaded by Dr. Nagpal at Harvard University.
Microtug. Source image: Biomimetics and Dexterous Manipulation Lab, Stanford University
30 Apr 2015
Inventors at Stanford University have created a handful of tiny robots that can carry objects many times their weight, like robotic ants.
19 Apr 2015
The Swarm-Organ project was presented on the EvoStar conference in Copenhagen held on April 8-10th, 2015.
25 Sep 2014
In a paper published recently in Science, CRG researchers confirm that BMP and WNT proteins are the so-called “Turing molecules” for creating embryonic fingers
23 Sep 2014
The thousand-robot swarm was created in the lab of Radhika Nagpal at Harvard, and described in the August 15 issue of Science. Following simple programmed rules, autonomous robots arrange themselves into vast, arbitrary shapes.
9 Jul 2014
Veronica Grieneisen and Yaochu Jin appeared on BBC Radio 4's weekly science show Frontiers.
22 Apr 2014
The 1st Swarm-Organ Periodic Meeting was much more than just a consortium meeting aiming to assess the progress of the project during the first 12 months of work. Held in Barcelona on the 24th and 25th of March, 2014, and hosted by James Sharpe at the Centre for Genomic Regulation ( CRG ) the meeting counted with the participation of all Swarm-Organ researchers plus a number of guests, each of them providing important insights into different aspects of the project.