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WP5 - Tracking & Herding

Tracking & Herding (WP5) is the highest level of swarm adaptation to be address within Swam-Organ. The biologically-realistic standard morphology, used in the previous WPs, has also been designed to fit with the task of tracking randomly-moving objects – surrounding them and finally herding them into a predefined shape. Swam-Organ will aim for a complex, biologically inspired
morphology. In future applications this might represent the idea that a specific type of agent must directly contact the objects (the dark red agents in the Figure), butmany others may be required for extra strength in pushing the objects into position (the yellow agents). Similarly, the entire swarm, may need to be protected from the enviroment (red boundary agents) in much the same way
that skin protects a biological organism.


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Yaochu Jin
Principal Investigator